Volvo Ocean 65

Technical equipment

The new one-design high-performance yachts are designed and equipped with the latest communication and safety technology.

The Volvo Ocean 65, designed by Farr Yacht in the US and built by a Consortium of Boatyards, has been engineered to integrate the most sophisticated communication equipment on the market - and will help organisers track and analyse the fleet's position and sailing conditions throughout the offshore legs from Race Control in the Alicante Headquarters.

Thanks to the latest video, satellite and multimedia content production technology employed by each team's Onboard Reporter, the public will be able to follow the sailors across nearly 40,000 nm of relentless ocean racing. 

Communication equipment:
Satellite terminals, antennas and systems
Inmarsat satellite airtime for all media purposes
Satellite terminal maintenance
Inmarsat C
On-board fixed and handheld video cameras
Media recording equipment
Media Desk
Position reporting computer
Video data storage
Wave height sensor

As the well-being of the fleet is one of the race's fundamental values, safety has been at the heart of every design and build process of the new yachts. Every one-design will be equipped with the best quality safety equipment including some of the following essentials:

Safety equipment:
Inmarsat C
IsatPhone 2
Life rafts
Emergency radios
Aviation frequency emergency radios
Jon Buoy
Medical equipment
MOB alerting and positioning system
Engines and maintenance
Safety training: life jackets
Weather information


Cobham hardware is an integral part of the Volvo Ocean 65, helping to keep our sailors safe, connected to shore, and taking us right into the heart of the action. We talk technology with Eric Ernst, our resident tech guru - and get the lowdown on how we get this amazing footage back to HQ.