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40 years

  • 40 years, 40 faces

    A new photographic exhibition opens in Alicante celebrating the first 40 years of the Volvo Ocean Race, from 1973-2013. Here, we present a small selection of the photos in a section that we'll update with further examples over the coming months.Read more

  • 1993-94: Lawrie Smith, skipper of Intrum Justitia, celebrates with his family after arriving back in Southampton, England at the end of the race.

    Dockside reunions are part of the unique appeal of this long race.Read more

  • An elated Magnus Olsson celebrates the victory of Ericsson 3 at the end of leg 5 into Rio de Janeiro after more than 40 days at sea.
    Victory and loss

    From the giddy heights of elation to the depths of despair.Read more

  • 1977-78: Navigator Skip Novak keeps his concentration as the crew negotiate icebergs.
    Nervous tension

    It's not just the big black clouds you have to watch out for...Read more