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22 May 2014. Sunrise from the bow of Team SCA on their second trans-Atlantic crossing back to their training base in Lanzarote, Spain.  Images from Anna-Lena Elled (SWE) - Onboard Reporter (on trial)
Anna-Lena Elled/Team SCA

First Things First: The Round Canary Islands Race

18 Jul 2014

Today (Saturday) sees the start of an inaugural race which will be of great interest to Volvo Ocean Race fans...Read more


Building the future: our video series following the building of the Volvo Ocean 65 and the people and challenges involvedRead More


New boat just launched, new route, ports and teams - building towards the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race.Read More

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  • 17 Jul 2014, 15:38UTC
    Head To Head - Dock Talk

    This week marks the Round Canary Islands race - and with three of our teams taking part, the first time that the new one-design Volvo 65's have been raced against each other...Read more

  • 15 Jul 2014, 17:33UTC
    Life Through A Lens - Tales From A Transatlantic Trip

    Meet the reporters going to extreme lengths in search of the perfect story...Read more

  • 10 Jul 2014, 12:55UTC
    Fresh Faces - Dock Talk

    As the beginning of the race approaches, the teams are selecting their crew – and we’re reminded of just what it takes to be a sailor in the Volvo Ocean Race…Read more

  • 0~0~0~AD_Training~VOR_Alicante_FTP~0~0~315A3133_HDR.jpg
    3 Jul 2014, 14:45UTC
    100 days left – Dock Talk #5

    The first offshore leg starts on October 11. That’s in 100 days. We’ll be waving good-bye to the sailors leaving Alicante for Cape Town, and this race will be real.Read more

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