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Hamish Hooper/CAMPER ETNZ/Volvo Ocean Race
The trade winds are delivering an exhilarating ride for all five crews on the way to Miami and on second placed CAMPER, Chris Nicholson’s team have an eye on claiming a third IWC Schaffhausen Speed Record Challenge trophy.

"Everyone knows that this is where the IWC Schaffhausen Speed Record Challenge Trophy for distance travelled will be decided" Hamish Hooper - MCM, CAMPER

According to Media Crew Member (MCM) Hamish Hooper, writing in his latest report from the boat, the transition from drifting to blasting along at up to 30 knots was like flicking a switch, which bodes well for their chances of clocking up the greatest 24 distance run on Leg 6:

Just like that we are back on the crazy wet and wild roller coaster ride. Which is great as we tick off the distance to finish so quickly, but bad because the bucket and sponge have to get a bloody good work out, and of course all of the small leaks and drips start again- just like the water torture one above my bunk.

The previous few days and today have been like chalk and cheese.

From easing along in the lightest of breeze, sails flapping in the Doldrums, to full throttle down flying along at times in excess of 25 knots.

At one stage while on deck I saw Daryl get the dial up to 29.99 knots - I was disappointed it didn’t click up to 30 for just one second.

I spent an electrifying three hours on deck getting saturated and blasted with water as we hurtled along, however my interest was not in getting an adrenaline thrill ride of the most extreme - but rather Nico
(Chris Nicholson, skipper) had me on the look out for flying fish, trying to resolve our bet from yesterday, (note: whether they flap their ‘wings’ or not  to fly -- Hooper says no, Nicholson says yes). It’s a great bet as we are both convinced each of us is correct.

So whoever wins the jug of beer from the reputable American sports bar with an owl as a logo will appreciate it immensely.

But back to the sailing - it is exhilarating at the moment, we pretty much have Puma, Telef
ónica and ourselves flying across the same small bit of ocean towards Barbuda, trying to etch out fractions of miles over each other from one sked to the next.

I think everyone in each of the boats knows that these 24 hours is where the IWC Schaffhausen Speed Record Challenge Trophy for distance travelled will be decided.

We won it last leg so it would be nice to back it up this leg also, it is a great award that adds a little extra incentive to push that much harder in conditions like this.

It would be spectacular if these conditions carried us all the way to the finish, I think it would be an equivalent of a horse racing photo finish, but unfortunately it looks as if the brakes are put on big time in the last couple of days with very light and fickle wind which will make it one nerve-racking end to this leg.

I made a hugely amateur and flawed jacket choice today, which was pointed out to me by Trae
(Tony Rae, helmsman/trimmer) the second I joined the huddle at the back of the boat, the next second a wall of white water had blasted down the deck into my jacket without a neck seal, and I was drenched. My aim of keeping things a little dry today was ruined.

Over the last couple of days the excess heat and long hours spent working sitting on my damp backside have begun to take its toll. The other guys' concern about my situation amounts to having as much of a good laugh as possible.

It is literally a pain in the arse.

I ended up looking like a dog chasing its own tail as I was trying to get a glimpse at the extent of my wound. I am sure I will be OK; I just can’t really sit until we get to Miami.



  • because CAMPER are more likely to achieve the best result.....

  • Just curious about the uneven reporting in the race coverage: since Puma has the longest 24 hour run on this leg (509 miles), why is this article about Camper?


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Hamish Hooper/CAMPER ETNZ/Volvo Ocean Race

Adam Minoprio and Mike Pammenter grinding a reef into the mainsail onboard CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand during leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Itajai, Brazil, to Miami, USA.