Catching up with Amory Ross

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Catching up with Amory Ross
Amory Ross was in Newport, sheltering from Superstorm Sandy, when he took our call to talk over what he's been doing since the end of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12. Now filming for Oracle Team USA, Ross is sharing his time between the East Coast, the America’s Cup venue in San Francisco and Wyoming, where he will be skiing all winter.

“Life is good!” says the man who put in an outstanding performance as Media Crew Member with PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG. Going straight from the Volvo Ocean Race to the America’s Cup, Ross has little to complain about. 

“I’m now working on video for Oracle Team USA,” he explains. “They knew from the Volvo Ocean Race I was comfortable with high-speed boats with lots of water like their winged 72-feet catamaran. It’s a fantastic opportunity and the team has been really nice.”

Moving from an offshore to an inshore event certainly brings some changes, though, and Ross misses his old life.

“The contrast between the two jobs is pretty stark. You know, I miss the Volvo, I miss being a part of the team like that. The America’s Cup is different. I’m not on the boat, though I hope that at some point I’ll have the opportunity to. Now, I show up in the morning, go on the water, shoot the day and then I come in and everyone disappears.

“I loved the Volvo in that sense: the cooking and the bailing gained me the sailors' respect and made it easier for me to tell the story.

“You have 10 other people on a Volvo Ocean Race boat and a total team of 35 or so. Everything is very small scale while I quickly learnt that in the Cup you have so many more people to deal with things. It’s still sailing, though, and the boats are very exciting.”

The job itself is quite an experience. A former photographer, Ross now works only in video and confesses it is “challenging" to get a steady shot at 35 knots.

“I’m used to being on board and I’d like to develop the onboard stuff, but I didn’t have the occasion yet. It’s funny because I was actually supposed to go sailing the day the catamaran capsized.”

In true MCM style, Ross adds: “I don’t know if I’m happy or sorry… It would have been great footage!”

The 28-year-old American has also been able to catch up with some of his Volvo team mates, with sailor Rome Kirby and PR specialist Lisa Ramsperger now working for Oracle, and his fellow MCM Hamish Hooper working once again for Team New Zealand 

“I caught up with Hamish, who is now working for Emirates Team New Zealand. I took him to a baseball game in San Francisco. He is a big fan now!”

Now that the first Oracle boat is being repaired and the second one still being built, Ross is heading to Wyoming for the winter. 

“It’s absolutely beautiful out there – snow and snow and snow. I’ve been waiting all the Volvo Ocean Race for this to come! I will fly once in a while to San Francisco for Oracle and start working full time again from March all the way to the Cup. Meanwhile, in Jackson Hole, I’ll put the camera in the closet so when I’ll go back to the ocean I’ll have a new inspiration.”

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