Building the future – Part 3

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Building the future – Part 3
In our third video update, Volvo Ocean Race’s Rick Deppe takes us to the USA, Italy and France for an all-round catch-up on construction progress of the new one-design boat.

We first went to Annapolis to talk to president of Farr Yacht Design Patrick Shaughnessy. He explained how the American naval architecture office responsible for the new boat is working on achieving “the world’s best one-design” along with the four boatyards involved in the building.

Then Deppe paid a visit to Persico in Italy, where the hull mould is currently being laminated. He finally went to look at the deck mould in the French boatyard Multiplast, in Vannes.

- Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad made the announcement about the shift to the stunning new one-design at a presentation in Lorient, France in June, towards the end of the 2011-12 edition – the closest and most successful race in the history of an event that dates back to 1973.

- The one-design will be a high-performance racing boat but will also mean a significant cost saving while bringing greater reliability. The fleet will share spare masts, rigging and other resources, helping to reduce significantly the cost of mounting a competitive campaign.  


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