Spain's gold medallists see 'great challenge' of future Volvo

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Spain's gold medallists see 'great challenge' of future Volvo
Ángela Pumariega and Sofía Toro, two of the three Spanish match-racing gold medalists at London 2012, paid a visit to the race museum in Alicante. These sailing experts may lack some offshore experience for now, but they would be delighted to be part of the Volvo Ocean Race one day.

I haven’t done many offshore races but I wouldn't be afraid of the Volvo,” said the 22-year-old Sofía Toro, who took the gold at the OIympics in August with Ángela Pumariega and their skipper Támara Echegoyen. “I’m not afraid: I respect it.”

After visiting the Volvo Ocean Race museum, Toro and Pumariega gave a press conference and described having women back in the race as a great opportunity, with SCA having already announced their participation with a women's team in 2014-15.

“It’s great that the next edition of the race has a women's team,” said Pumariega. “We love this idea in a world dominated by men! We hope for more of these projects.”

They are experienced dinghy sailors and raced the Olympics on the Elliott 6m. Yet Pumariega, Toro and Echegoyen are not going to close the door on offshore racing.

“I’d love to take part in the race,” said Pumariega. “It’s an impressive competition. It would be a great experience and it would make us better racers. 

“It’s the toughest race ever and it also requires a psychological preparation. You've got to be well prepared because you put your life at risk. 

“Our skipper Támara is very decided about taking part in the race. For sure we’d like to be closer to this kind of competition.”

“A lot of Olympic sailors are taking part to the Volvo Ocean Race,” added the race CEO Knut Frostad, a former Olympian himself. “It’s an honour to have you here today and I hope one day you will be doing the race too!”

On Monday the museum host a hugely successful public Q&A with the Olympic sailors. Over a hundred people came to the Volvo Ocean Race museum for a fascinating talk by the gold medal winners.