Check out the new skipper's crazy first week

Charlie Enright is 29 and comes from Rhode Island, USA. He’s just got a new job. A big new job. Charlie is going to be Team Alvimedica's skipper for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 and we’ve followed him on his first trip around Europe as he met the global media and checked out his new boat.

Our very own Sam Greenfield shadowed Charlie all the way from his home on the East Coast of the States to Istanbul, where the team’s sponsor Alvimedica launched an international campaign for the next edition of the race.  

Along with his teammate Mark Towill and Team Alvimedica CEO Bill Erkelens, they went on to inspect their brand new Volvo Ocean 65 at Green Marine in Southampton, England, before paying us a visit at race HQ in Alicante, Spain.

We hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Watch the video HERE!