Finish with a bang!

Text by Jonno Turner
Updates from the boat
'We can all be very proud'
Finish with a bang! Text by Jonno Turner
If you're going to sail into London, under the iconic Tower Bridge, after five exhausting days at sea, in front of thousands of onlookers, at 7pm on a Friday night'd better do it in style.

And as the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Hell On High Seas came to a spectacular finish last night, the six celebrities, six Volvo Ocean Race sailors, two Onboard Reporters and BBC Producer, certainly made their entrance an unforgettable one.

Holding fizzing red flares high, and lighting up the London skyline, the crew marked its arrival to the English capital, which was broadcast live on BBC One.

Here's a look at the best photos from an amazing final sprint of a marathon challenge...

Counting down the miles

With London on the horizon, it's full throttle ahead for the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Hell On High Seas crew, as they push on in their final day at sea.

Bursting with excitement

Even for hardened Volvo Ocean Race veterans like Dee Caffari, the thought of stepping back onto dry land after five tough days on the ocean waves, is too much to contain.


The Volvo Ocean 65 peeks around the Thames Barrier at around 1630 local time. The crew knows that after five exhausting days, they're just 15 miles from home.

There's no place like dome

As the city comes into view, it's time to pass the O2 Arena - somewhere these celebrities might be more used to performing at, than sailing past. Worlds collide!

What a welcome!

Tower Bridge opens its arms to welcome the team into London. With thousands of spectators and well-wishers lining the docks of the Thames, the weary crew were given a reception they'll never forget.

Finish line 

After five days on the Volvo Ocean 65, and a tough journey from Belfast to London, the 15-strong crew has officially completed this epic challenge!

It's an emotional moment...

Carrying the torch

With over a million pounds raised for Sport Relief, the celebrity and sailor challenge has not only made a huge difference to the lives of many around the world, but also put the spotlight back onto sailing in the UK.

Step ashore

Just as the celebrities had found their sea legs, it was time to get off! With the Volvo Ocean 65 safely moored next to HMS Belfast, the crew savoured their final moments onboard.

Hello mum!

There's no time to rest for the tired crew as they're thrust into the spotlight - with BBC's 'The One Show' broadcast live from the dock, in front of an illuminated Tower Bridge.

Picture perfect

What an incredible challenge! Battling storm force winds, freezing cold temperatures and uncomfortable, cramped living conditions, the celebrities - Alex Jones, Angellica Bell, Ore Oduba, Hal Cruttenden, Suzi Perry and Doon Mackichan - will certainly never forget their first five days as sailors.

"The crew that left Belfast early on Monday morning is not the same on that has arrived in London tonight," said a proud Dee Caffari, as she stepped off the boat.