Corinna Halloran

Team SCA
Onboard Reporter
United States
First Volvo Ocean Race
Date of Birth: August 25, 1985

In: Newport, Rhode Island
Status: ---
Something about her that you don’t know: When she was little, she wanted to be the first woman on the moon – instead, she is now the first woman to be an onboard reporter in the race!

She speaks: English.

Who she is: Halloran has a degree in photojournalism and writing, and a professional certificate in visual storytelling. She is a sailor too – the young American worked on super yachts and travelled to many places on that job.

What she said: “Sailing is in my blood; my grandfather and mother were big sailors in Annapolis, Maryland, and sailing is how my mother arrived in Newport. I love the ocean and sailing but I did not grow up racing dinghies in the Bay. Instead, I grew up with a camera in my hand.”