Matt Knighton

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing
Onboard Reporter
United States
First Volvo Ocean Race
Date of Birth: April 9, 1984

In: Chicago, USA
Status: Married
Nickname: Xerox
Something about him that you don't know: He directed the 2013 documentary Black Hawk Down: Return to Mogadishu, shot in a Somalian war zone.

He speaks: English.

Who he is: Matt is an accomplished commercial videographer and keen racing sailor with proven photography and storytelling skills. Based in Chicago, he first joined the team for back-to-back transatlantic crossings in June and July 2014.

What he said: “This is not a challenge to be taken lightly or for granted. To be on a team where almost everyone has done at least three Volvo Ocean races is humbling, but I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to share the next nine months with.”

On Twitter: @mattknighton