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About Gothenburg

And home again?    
Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city. It’s home to Volvo, so it’s no stranger to the race and previous editions have both visited and finished here. It’s a city of half a million people, with up to one million in the wider hinterland, and a long history as a shipping and maritime centre.

So the race will finish in the Baltic?    
Er... no. Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden. It faces the northern tip of Denmark across a stretch of water called the Kattegatt. To the northwest lies the Skagerrak and the route to the relatively open waters of the North Sea. But don’t be fooled by all the land around it, the North Sea can be a very rough piece of water. It’s showtime! Make sure you’re in town to see the boats come to the home of Volvo. 

Is there time for anything else?    
Make time – the West Coast Archipelago is stunningly beautiful. There are about ten thousand granite islands, small and large, many of them sheltering idyllic villages. If you don’t have time to get out on the water, then take any chance you get to stroll around the city. Gothenburg has been steadily expanding from its traditional businesses of shipping and industry, into a centre for creativity and innovation. And that means an ice cool café culture – you should find the best coffee anywhere on the race route. Add in some vibrant restaurants, serious shopping with great local and international fashion, a strong music and club scene, and any spare time you have for exploring can be soaked up with little effort. Oh, and if you have kids with you, then the Liseberg amusement park has more rides than any other in Scandinavia. Should keep the little ones quiet for a bit...

Now this really is a long way north...    
The heat will be coming from the racing – but this is another spot where you may still need that jacket. The daily average is around 15C, but it can range as high as 30C during the day and drop as low as 10C at night. And as this is the west coast, you can also expect some rain. So better to make it a rain jacket.