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About Cardiff

This is a first, right?
Yep, the Race has never before visited Cardiff - but will make the long-awaited visit to the United Kingdom when it stops in the Welsh capital in 2017-18.

What are the country's most popular sports?
Well, it's fair to say that the national sport is rugby - and they're not bad at football either, having just qualified for Euro 2016 in France. And there are plenty of sailing fans excited to see the Volvo Ocean Race fleet roll into town.

What else can I do in Cardiff?
Let's just say you won't be short of options. For a start, there's the imposing Cardiff Castle, which has stood proud above the city since the 11th century. There's the National History Museum, the National Art Museum, the Wales Millenium Centre - and if you like sci-fi as much as sailing, don't miss the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay.

Doesn't the Race have a rather deep connection with the United Kingdom?
You could say that! The first edition of this Race set off from Portsmouth, England in 1973 but hasn't visited the Isles since 2006 - so you could say this is something of a long-awaited homecoming.