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About Guangzhou

About Guangzhou
The cosmopolitan city of Guangzhou has been around for over 2,200 years and has developed into one of China’s Tier 1 cities. It’s a major trading port, its key coastal location makes it one of the most well-connected cities in the country but its also a growing tourist centre with a cultural diversity that adds to its appeal.

Thanks to its long history there is plenty for the visitor to do and see in Guangzhou. Visit the ancient Mausoleum of the Nányuè King, Clen Shan Ancestral Hall and the Guangdong Museum for a fascinating insight into the long and varied history of the region. 

How to get around?
There is a vast system of small streets and alleys, greenways, boulevards and parks that are great for cycling. Over 100 rental outlets are available so you will have no problem to rent a bike. One popular bike route is along the Pearl River on the Haizhu Districht side. Other dedicated bike lanes are slowly appearing in the city center, including Tianhe District. It's one of best activities you can do once you are in Guangzhou.

The perfect place for the eating adventurer?
The district name of Guangzhou is 'Eating in Guangzhou'. Food is the centerpiece of life and Guangzhou has the country's largest number of restaurants per capita, which is the birthplace of what you call ' Chinese food' (Cantonese food) in the west. Here you can grab the authentic taste of sweet & sour pork, wonton soup and dim-sum. You can even do a food tour.