Cape Town

18º H / 19º
L / 16º
  • Village opening

    November 01, 2014
  • In-Port Racing

    November 15, 2014
  • Leg Start

    November 19, 2014

About Cape Town

Village Opening: November 1, 2014 at 1400 local time

Village Opening Ceremony: November 1, 2014 at 1800 local time
Race village programme
Race village map and brochure 
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Estimated arrival of the boats*:  November 2 - 6, 2014

In-Port Race: November 15, 2014 at 1400 local time (SAST)
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Winner: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - see full in-port results
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Leg Start:
November 19, 2014 at 1800 local time (SAST)
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I hear there’s a new game in town?
Yup, it’s not all rugby and cricket in South Africa in November 2014, not least because the rugby season will be just about over and cricket will only just be starting. Instead, the early summer in South Africa is all about the waterfront, when the Volvo Ocean Race fleet lands after the 6,487 mile first leg from Alicante in Spain.

Where do I have to be?
Cape Town, a rainbow city in the rainbow nation. It hardly needs any introduction, but just in case you’ve been living in a cupboard for the last forty years, Cape Town sits just north of the Cape of Good Hope, at the southern tip of South Africa and the African continent. The city is home to almost four million people and a lot of whales, spread along hundreds of kilometres of stunning coastline. Booked your ticket yet?

And when do I have to be there?
The boats are expected to arrive in Cape Town in early November, so if you want to see some really tired people try to get there for the arrival of at least one of the teams. The action recommences on November 15 with the In-Port Race, and then the teams start for Abu Dhabi on November 19.

Is it just about the boats?
No, it’s all about the people. Cape Town will be the first stopover port for the 2014-15 teams. Expect the unexpected. Any fault lines in crew morale may have split wide open after a bad result. It’s traditional for a big name to get fired at the end of the first leg.

So there must be stuff for my Bucket List?
Where to begin? There’s the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain, these days you can even abseil back down if you fancy something with a bit more buzz than the walk. Talking of buzz - if you’ve ever wanted to swim with sharks (and who hasn’t?) then this is the place to do it. Let’s not forget Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. And I’m not even going to get you started on the winery tours, bling-shopping and the restaurants.

Will I need the suncream?
Definitely: November is the start of the southern hemisphere summer. It only rains on one day in every six, with a tiny average of 14mm for the whole month. The daily average temperature is 24C, dropping to a cooler 13C at night. But be warned, the water is cold on the western coastal beaches. Something to do with the proximity of Antarctica...


*ETA: We love sailing for its freedom and unpredictability. The crews can master the boat, study the waves, embrace the wind and trust in their navigators - but ultimately, it's the combination of those four things that decide when they arrive. For that reason, we need a range of dates which accounts for every one of these complex variables to estimate, as closely as we can, the potential arrival dates.


In-port race results:
Start time: 14:00 (local time)

In order of finish: Finish time (local) Points
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 15:06:57 1
Team Brunel 15:08:00 2
Team SCA 15:09:04 3
Dongfeng Race Team 15:09:22 4
Team Vestas Wind 15:11:25 5
Team Alvimedica 15:16:14 6
MAPFRE 15:18:32 7