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  • Village opening

    January 24, 2015
  • In-Port Racing

    February 07, 2015
  • Leg Start

    February 08, 2015

About Sanya

Village Opening: January 24, 2015
Race village programme
Race village map in English (PDF 6.7mb) or Chinese (PDF 6.6mb)

Estimated arrival of the boats*:  January 24 - 28, 2015

Team Vestas Wind In-Port Race Sanya: February 7, 2015
Download In-Port Race course map: English (PDF 1.3mb) or Chinese (PDF 1.9mb)
Winner: Dongfeng Race Team - see full results
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Leg start
: February 8, 2015
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Download Leg start course map: English (PDF 1.3mb) or Chinese (PDF 1.1mb)


The Volvo Ocean Race is going to China?
It’s the third time the race has visited the world’s most populous country. The first time was in 2008-09 when the Olympic sailing venue of Qingdao hosted in the frozen north, before the race moved south to Sanya in 2011-12. The difference between the two stopovers in average daily temperature was about twenty degrees. Needless to say, we’re going back to Sanya...

So I know Sanya is in the south of China...
It’s on the southernmost tip of the tropical island of Hainan, nestling in the north-west corner of the South China Sea. To the west lies the coast of Vietnam, while to the east are the Philippines. Sanya is home to nearly 700,000 people, but it’s a very popular tourist resort so you can expect plenty of other visitors.

I could be wrong, but it feels like this is a long way from Abu Dhabi?
It’s 4,670 miles to be precise, but while this third leg will actually be the shortest so far, it’s a tough route from the UAE; into the Arabian Sea, skirting the southern tip of India and across the Bay of Bengal before negotiating the Malacca Strait to Singapore, and then turning north-east for Sanya. There are lots of things for the boats to hit on the way. Rocks. Countries. Unlit fishing boats. More countries. Discarded nets. Half-sunk shipping containers. Even more countries. There could be tears.

I’ve got a big date planned for Valentine’s Day...
Don’t worry, you’ll be back in plenty of time. The teams will have an opportunity (as long as they didn’t hit anything) to enjoy the tropical delights of Serenity Sanya Marina and the Luhuitou resort before the restart. They get going again with the In-Port Race on February 7 – with the start of Leg Four to Auckland on February 8, 2014.

Any useful facts I can quote to the folks back home?
Sanya is the home of the Chinese national beach volleyball team.

Ok, so what’s on the must-see list for Sanya?
Beaches. Bright sunshine. Warm water. Rainforest trails. Macaque monkeys. Golf. Surfing (yes, really). An intoxicating mix of Chinese cuisine with lush tropical fruit, vegetables, and so-fresh-it’s-still-wriggling seafood. This is the chill out zone of stopovers, so leave the list at home.

Tropical sounds nice?
It is, especially in February with an average daily temperature of 23C, and only three or four days of rain expected for the whole month. The water temperature is a very pleasant 20C, so don’t forget your swimsuit. 



*ETA: We love sailing for its freedom and unpredictability. The crews can master the boat, study the waves, embrace the wind and trust in their navigators - but ultimately, it's the combination of those four things that decide when they arrive. For that reason, we need a range of dates which accounts for every one of these complex variables to estimate, as closely as we can, the potential arrival dates.


In-port race results:
Start time: 14:00 (local time)

In order of finish: Finish time (local) Points
Dongfeng Race Team 14:54:29 1
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 14:55:07 2
Team Alvimedica 14:56:20 3
Team Brunel 14:56:36 4
Team SCA 14:57:30 5
MAPFRE 15:00:03 6
Team Vestas Wind DNS 8