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2014-15 - 11 ports, 38,739 nautical miles

2014-15 - 11 ports, 38,739 nautical miles

The route will take in 11 cities in 11 countries – Spain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, China, New Zealand, Brazil, United States, Portugal, France and Sweden – and will require the teams to cover 38,739 nautical miles – equivalent to 44,580 miles or 71,745 kms.

The Race will start on October 4, 2014, day of the first In-Port Race in Alicante, and finish with a final In-Port Race on June 27, 2015 in Gothenburg, the Swedish home of Volvo.

The start of the race will see the brand new Volvo Ocean 65 racing boats sail from Alicante in Spain to Cape Town in South Africa over 6,487 nm. From there, the teams will sail to Abu Dhabi (6,125 nm) before heading to Sanya in China (4,670 nm).

As in the last race, the boats will sail from Sanya to Auckland, New Zealand (5,264 nm). From the City of Sails they will leave for Itajaí in Brazil (6,776 nm) before going north to Newport, Rhode Island in the United States (5,010 nm). The teams will then cross the Atlantic to Lisbon (2,800 nm) followed by Lorient (647 nm) then on the ultimate leg, make a 24-hour Le Mans style pit-stop in The Hague before the final run to the finish to Gothenburg (960 nm).

Frostad describes the route as "an immense challenge" for sailors.

"From brand new ports like Newport to now familiar stops such as Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Itajaí, Lisbon and Lorient, and classic sailing cities such as Cape Town and Auckland, this route gives just about the perfect mix of old and new. Add to that the start in Alicante, The Hague pit-stop and a mid-summer finish in Gothenburg, my only regret is that I'm not sailing the route myself."

Find out all the In-Port Race and Leg Start dates here.

Want to know more about the route, leg by leg? Check out this three-part interview with our race meteorologist and all-round route expert Gonzalo Infante who has taken us step by step through the 38,739 nautical miles of the new course.

Part one: Alicante - Cape Town - Abu Dhabi - Sanya
Part two: Sanya - Auckland - Itajaí - Newport
Part three: Newport - Lisbon - Lorient - (The Hague pit-stop) - Gothenburg

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The Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 route will take in 11 cities in 11 countries and will require the teams to cover 38,739 nautical miles over nine months of racing.