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About Volvo Group

About Volvo Group

The similarities between owning one of the world’s toughest global sailing events and being a worldwide player within the transport industry are several. The Volvo Ocean Race tells an inspiring story about dedicated individuals and teams who with passion, energy and endurance climb the “Mount Everest of sailing”. The Volvo Ocean Race is also one of the very few truly global sports events - taking place on five different continents, involving multi-national and multi-cultural teams. In short, it perfectly mirrors the world of the Volvo Group, which is one of the reasons why we love sailing!

You may not have given it much thought, but the Volvo Group contributes to many important functions in society - every day, throughout the world. Imagine a normal day. You get up in the morning and the fridge is empty. Ten minutes later you wait for the bus to take you to work but it doesn’t come. Then your mobile phone rings. Your mother, who is coming to visit, tells you that all flights are delayed because of a power outage at the airport. In short, without the products and services of the Volvo Group the societies where many of us live would not function. Trucks, buses, engines and construction equipment are included in functions that most of us take for granted every day - a reason for our broad global presence with sales in more than 190 countries worldwide, and about 115,000 employees around the world.

Commitments come with being such a major player. To us, these commitments include economic, environmental and social responsibility. We realize that we impact society in many ways and want to be part of the solution to the challenges facing the world, such as climate change. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles we work to reduce CO2 emissions in everything we do. Whether we are on the factory floor, on the roads, the construction sites or at seas, Volvo Group’s three core values – Quality, Safety and Environmental Care – are all intertwined.

The Volvo Ocean Race is a unique opportunity for the Volvo Group to spend valuable time with both existing and future customers. At the same time, it strengthens our brand and contributes to our business by reflecting the Volvo Group’s core values.

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