Two races, one new heart for Gothenburg

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Two races, one new heart for Gothenburg
The Volvo Ocean Race will be welcomed into the new heart of Gothenburg thanks to a long-term commitment that will dovetail with an ambitious redevelopment project for the city.

Gothenburg will host the grande finale of the 12th edition in 2014-15 and will be back on the route for the 13th running of sailing's great round-the-world adventure. Along the way, the race will see a lot of changes, all being made with sustainability and a special anniversary firmly in mind.

“I think the city of Gothenburg will deliver a fantastic experience,” said Anneli Hulthén, Mayor of Gothenburg.

“We are going to use the Volvo Ocean Race events as part of developing the whole city and taking place right in the new heart of Gothenburg. This is an investment in the future for Gothenburg as we move forward to the city's 400th anniversary in 2021.

"We focus a lot on sustainability. It’s an issue that is close to our hearts and we know that it’s an important area both for Volvo and Volvo Ocean Race.”

Looking ahead, the Mayor believes the development of the city will suit perfectly the two-race deal signed by Gothenburg for 2014-15 and the following race, likely to be in 2017-18.

"We are heading into a big project where we will develop the city's infrastructure and we don’t know how far we will have come 2015," said Hulthén. "By then we might be able to present how the new developments will look and in 2018 we will hopefully see how great it turned out to be."

Camilla Nyman, CEO of Gothenburg & Co, shares the Mayor’s confidence.

“We have the experience, competence and capacity to host an event of this size. We have already determined a place to put the race village and we want to use that space after the boats have travelled on.

“The people of Gothenburg are spectacular at welcoming these types of events, and it feels like there is as much salt water in our veins as anything else.

“We hope to use this event as a part of other projects and the city of Gothenburg works closely with Volvo in other areas such as electric cars and sustainable transportation. We will seize this opportunity to present other projects that connect to the ocean and transportation.”

Today (Tuesday) at approximately 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT) the Volvo Ocean Race will be making another announcement about the 2014-15 edition of the race.