Building the Future – Part 5

Elite assembly line production for the new rigging
Inside the washing machine
Building the Future – Part 5
Here is the latest video update on the brand new One Design boat that will contest the next two editions of the race! Volvo Ocean Race’s Rick Deppe brings you the latest on the hull built by Persico, Italy.

In the fifth part in the series, the One Design hull is being completed at Persico. Euro-trotting Volvo Ocean Race reporter Rick Deppe makes a short visit to the Italian factory for the day.

He sets up the timelapse camera, helps fit a frame into the boat and takes a technical tour with Chris Cochran from Farr Yacht Design before heading off to Multiplast, France. He is a busy guy!

Remember, the work on the boats is going on at four boatyards in the UK, Italy and France as well as Switzerland and we'll have more on the process in two more videos this week.

Find here the first construction update, the second update, the third and the fourth.

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