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Captions by Team SCA OBR Corinna Halloran
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Corinna's favourite pics Captions by Team SCA OBR Corinna Halloran
She's the American journalist who told the story of the first all-female team to tackle the world's toughest oceans in over a decade.

Introducing: Corinna Halloran. The Team SCA OBR delivered us the scoop right from the heart of the action for the first half of the race. 

She was also onboard as the magenta boat sailed into her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, on Leg 6.

Unsurprisingly, those unforgettable moments with the Pell Bride coming into view - the realisation of a dream for the 29-year-old - feature heavily on her list of favourite pics...

October 22, 2014. Leg 1 from Alicante to Cape Town.

The Doldrums are a strange and beautiful place — sometimes active and sometimes painfully boring. The real story behind this shot was one of those moments inspired by the slow hours passed on the bow of the boat; I had my GoPro pole out, Stacey and I got to thinking, and we decided to try to see what the boat looked like from one of the perspectives we hardly see.

May 3, 2015. Leg 6 from Itajaí to Newport.

For me, this photograph is way more than a moment in time captured; for me, this photograph symbolises the story of one woman, Sam Davies, and her journey to become the leader and skipper of Team SCA. In one frame, this photo shows her focus and determination to race the boat through the tumultuous weather front moving over head, her desperation to place well within the fleet, her need to prove to the world her team are fierce competitors, and, finally, this moment symbolises her growth as a leader.

April 22, 2015. Leg 6 from Itajaí to Newport.

One epic day in the Doldrums. It had been weeks since the team had experienced the nasty, slow, Doldrums—the hot, sticky, no wind zone surrounding the Equator. However, on Leg 6 when we encountered the Doldrums for what would be the final time, Team SCA sped through the traditionally tricky zone faster than we could blink.

December 13, 2014. Leg 2 from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi.

Dolphins; an animal we became so familiar with over the year, whose playfulness is a reminder to us all that it is important to enjoy life. This photograph was taken on the second to last day of Leg 2 — a tricky, emotional, and light air leg to Abu Dhabi; the dolphins came to play with us for quite awhile as we steadily moved along through the oil fields around sunset. 

May 7, 2015. Leg 6 from Itajaí to Newport.

In the last year, I’ve seen more sunrises and sunsets over the pristine ocean than I can count. I’ve seen so many that they’re often categorised into “ABS: Another Beautiful Sunrise (or Sunset). This moment, this sunrise, though, was hands down my favorite one of the race; we would be arriving into Newport, RI (my hometown) in just a few hours and it was if it was New England’s secret welcome to us. Having grown up on these waters, I was almost embarassed that I had never seen a sunrise like this before—surely with this as my backyard I should watch the sunrise more often! But life is like that and so often we rush through it. But this sunrise stopped us (literally, there was no wind), and it forced us to take a moment and to watch nature at her best. As I snuck down to leeward to watch, Liz Wardley crept down to look with me, she too gasped at the beauty. “This is why we do this,” I said. She agreed—this is definitely why we do this.

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