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Captions by Team SCA OBR Anna-Lena Elled
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Anna-Lena's favourite pics Captions by Team SCA OBR Anna-Lena Elled
Anna-Lena Elled jumped onboard the magenta boat in Leg 4.

The Swede quickly got to grips with the demands and pressure of being an OBR on the toughest race in the world - and in no time, she was sending through epic photos, enthralling videos and engaging texts.

Here, she looks back over the last few months, and chooses the photos that make her smile...

February 24, 2015. Leg 4 from Sanya to Auckland.

This photo was taken on my first leg onboard Team SCA, Leg 4 from Sanya to Auckland. The start was tough with headwinds, a strong current and messy sea state. After we passed the Equator we sailed through a couple of transition zones. One night was more spectacular than the others with rain, thunder and lightning after lightning - the sky looked like it was on fire.

April 4, 2015. Leg 5 from Auckland to Itajaí.

We are all clipped on, doing 20-25 knots. It's wild, crazy and beautiful, 'champagne sailing' as Gyro (Carolijn Brouwer), trimming the main, said with a big smile. Suddenly she shouts: "Anna-Lena, turn around, check out the birds!" I was lucky to get this shot. It's not easy to shoot when the sea is trying to wash you off the deck!

June 9, 2015. Leg 8 from Lisbon to Lorient. 

Stacking. A big part of sailing the Volvo Ocean Race involves stacking - stacking from side to side, back and forwards. Every manoeuvre, tack, gybe, every change in sailing conditions requires moving the stack, inside the boat, as well as on deck. It was hard as an OBR to see the girls fighting with heavy food and sail bags without being able to help. This is Justine pulling a sail bag forward with the help of her team mates.

June 7, 2015. Leg 8 from Lisbon to Lorient.

Hands. Working hands, wet, cold and sore hands, hands at rest. If you take look at the sailors' hands and how they transform during a leg and during the whole race, you kind of get an idea of what they are going through. This picture makes me feel humble and full of respect. These girls are my heroes. This is Sophie Ciszek having a break on the sail stack.

April 7, 2015. Leg 5 from Auckland to Itajaí.

A typical offshore racing picture. It's cold, wet, wild and furious. It's likely we are doing 20+ knots. The crew on deck are all behind the driver, partly because we want to have the weight as far back as possible, partly because it's to dangerous to live in the cockpit or on the foredeck when we are pushing the throttle to the floor. The waves are unforgiving and if you lose focus you might get washed away. Liz is at the helm.

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