What you can do - Clubs and Organisations

Clubs and Organisations

Take positive steps to eliminate single-use plastics from your activities, and inspire your team to do the same in their homes, at their workplaces and community.

Sign up to #CleanSeas and make your pledge to reduce plastic pollution.

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    Advocate and activate

    Get your school, sports team, community club, hospital, worker's union, or environmental group to take action against marine plastic pollution.

    Put the weight of your voice, your influence and your votes behind programmes and campaigns which help to reduce single use plastics and to prevent leakage of plastic pollution into our oceans.

    Organise a beach or river bank clean up.
    Support single-use plastic taxes and bottle return schemes.
    Advocate for change to local regulations where necessary.
    Ensure you group minimises or avoids single-use plastics in your activities.

    Take the #CleanSeas pledge today.

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    Clean Seas Pledge

    Sign up to Clean Seas and pledge your commitment to take action.
    Make your pledge online, at our Race Village or attend one of our Ocean Summits and make your pledge there!

    Take the #CleanSeas pledge today.